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We can navigate the world of Facebook and Instagram, driving them to visit your website, while allowing your work to be seen by a worldwide audience.

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Every project is unique, and none are too small or too large. Whether as an hourly or a per project fee, Liz’s individualized services allows clients to have the arrangement that best fits their needs.

Your initial consultation is complementary and  confidential. So, give a call, and let's discuss your needs and goals so you can create. 

Below is a small sampling of the varied websites created and maintained by Artfully Managed on behalf of our clients. We have extensive experience with Godaddy, Wix, WordPress, Weebly, and Squarespace as well as many other platforms to create and edit client websites. We strive to provide websites that allow the artists themselves to add/remove pieces of work easily if they so desire, while allowing Artfully Managed sufficient versatility to change the website structure and looks to meet our client's desires.

​ - atmospheric landscape artist - contemporary Florida landsacpaes - Home architecture - Ship model builder - florals, landscapes, still life, and abstract artist - mixed media artist 

 Artfully Managed, based in Vero Beach, Florida, provides a variety of customized support services for artists, allowing them more time to create their artwork. Artfully Managed takes care of any and all of the details for you. Whether it is marketing, creating or updating websites, social media management, individual or gallery management, workshop, show or event planning - whatever your needs are - Liz’s personalized and unique service is ready to assist so that you can do what you enjoy most - create!!!

Experience Counts:

  • As a Painter, Liz understands the unique needs of artists.
  •  As a Business Professional, Liz has developed a broad art network, including museums, studios, galleries, news media, and art shows.  
  • As an Executive Board member for a number of organizations, Liz knows how all the pieces        must fit together to achieve success.
  • As a full time Resident of Vero Beach, Florida, Liz has spent over 20 years working in the local 'arts scene'.
  • As a World Traveler, Liz has helped artists through the US and in other countries.
  • As a Technical Team, Artfully Managed has decades of high-tech, network experience.  
  • As a former Paralegal, Liz honed her professional, organizational, and marketing skills.​​